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PALS Board


Angela Silvera


I am passionate about education, as a former educator, and feel that PALS has allowed me a way to still be connected to education without being the teacher. 


I am a proud mother of three children: an 8th grader, 5th grader, and 3rd grader. My kids are the reason I help because I want to do what I can to help Lincoln and I know PALS does a bunch to improve Lincoln.

Vice President

Chrissy Dix

Chrissy Dix has lived in Newark for 5 years and in the Bay Area for 12. All three of our sons have attended/do attend Lincoln and we love the staff and environment here!


Prior to having my kiddos, I taught 2nd grade and I am passionate about creating good, safe environments for our students so that they can thrive academically and grow socially and emotionally as well.


I joined PALS this year as VP because I see the many good ways that PALS uses the money they raise to impact our children and I wanted to be a part of that good cause.
My kids are my number 1 priority and I’m grateful to be a part of this team where everyone puts the kids’ needs first. Go Lincoln Leopards!


Lizaday Rancap-Perez


Pal LeGris

I have always had a passion for science and after getting my degree in biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of California Santa Cruz (Go Slugs!), I did research in both academia and industry. After many years of research experience, I went back to school and got my teaching credential and then taught both chemistry and biotechnology at the high school level. The experience was very gratifying and I do hope to return to it once my kids are a little older. My time in the classroom gave me a great appreciation for the incredible amount of work that teachers do. My hat's off to all the hard working, passionate teachers we have in our community.


It is my great pleasure to be able to serve on the PALS board. Having had two children at Lincoln Elementary over the past 5 years, I've come to know very well the meaningful impact this organization has had on the kids and staff of this school.  I'm happy to contribute to PALS mission and important function. 


Mariah Vera

Staff Representative

Dana Wright

Fundraising Chair
Member At Large

Jenna Meachem

Jenna Meachem is excited to join PALS as Member at Large. She was born and raised in the Fremont / Newark area, where she benefited from a fantastic educational experience, all the way through her undergrad at Cal State East Bay.  


Jenna has a second grader at Lincoln and has already seen how PALS has a positive impact at the school. She looks forward to contributing to the PALS mission through fundraising, organizing and executing. 

Staff Representative

Lisa Young

Member At Large

Jennifer Steele


I'm a mom of two, and moved to California five years ago to work in tech.  I am passionate about numbers and data, and joined PALS to try to give back to the community and help out the school in a small way.  Before moving to California my kids attended school in Canada and New Zealand, and that's given me a different perspective on education.  

I was an economics professor for almost ten years, and know the importance of a strong base in mathematics and literacy, and how that starts in elementary.  I look forward to doing what I can to help all kids succeed.

Member At Large

Jeralyn Terry


I was unable to write a bio, so I asked those closest to me: 

My 1st grader describes me as “love”

My Preschooler describes me as “mommy”

My dog describes me as a devoted walker.

My 3 cats describe me as a warm food dispenser.

My husband describes me as a woman whose ambitions and projects outpace the hours of the day. 

My coworkers describe me as a committed and empathetic stress-ball.

I’m grateful to be volunteering with such a dedicated group of people supporting our talented staff at Lincoln Elementary School. 

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