PALS Board

Vice President

Angela Silvera


Prior to my role of being a stay-at-home, I was a teacher in Fremont for many years. I am passionate about education and feel that PALS has allowed me a way to still be connected to bettering the education of students.  I have lived in Newark for six years and love it here!  The sense of community I get from Newark's community events and from Lincoln Elementary remind me of how it takes a village to raise a child and I'm grateful for my village. 

I am a proud mother of three children. My oldest is a fifth grader and loves school! My middle is thriving in second grade. And my youngest is ecstatic about being a bucket filler in kindergarten. I volunteer in many ways such as in the classroom, at Walk-a-thon, and  coordinating Spellathon. I am also one of the main contributors for our Facebook page.


Lizaday Perez


Suzie Lusher

Member At Large

Marion Silva

Member At Large

Stephanie Guerra


Sarah Guerra

I grew up in the Bay Area, but only moved to Newark 6 years ago.   One of the reasons we chose our house was the proximity to Lincoln Elementary.    I loved the small neighborhood school feel of Lincoln and had heard that it was an excellent school.   In my first couple of years at Lincoln I was impressed by how much volunteer time is spent by parents and community members.  I wanted to be involved in PALS so that I could be part of the volunteers that were already enriching my own children’s education.     I am a full time accountant M-F so it’s not easy for me to volunteer in class. Being on PALS allows me to volunteer after hours and for events so I still get the chance to be involved and help out at Lincoln.   I am a proud mom of a 6th grader and a 3rd grader.  I am excited for this upcoming year with PALS and can’t wait to see where the year takes us!

Fundraising Chair

Beth Tellefsen

Staff Representative

Vanessa Kennison

Member At Large

Mechele Bandy

My name is Mechele Bandy.  I am a mother of two wonderful children,    Isabella 5th grade and Jesse 8th and also an employee of NUSD.  I am the coordinator for Lincoln's Movie Nights and Breakfast with Santa.  I have a personal relationship with many parents and staff at Lincoln Elementary and I enjoy being involved in as many school activities as possible.

Member At Large

Jennifer Mitchell